Super Markup Man! Learn HTML the Fun and Easy Way

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Target Website
Current Website
made by roppy chop studios. see the new version on steam!

How to Play Super Markup Man:

This is the website you are trying to build.

This is you.

This is the website that you are currently building.

"Program" them to look the same by moving the HTML tags!
There are 30 levels total, and your progress is auto-saved if you leave early.

Press UP to jump. Hold UP to jump higher.
Press DOWN to fall through platforms.
Use SPACEBAR to pick up and drop HTML tags.

Some helpful tips: You can place HTML tags wherever you want, even on different lines with lots of space in between them. However, the "code" reads them top-to-bottom, left-to-right, just like a book. So in looking at the following tags, the tag would actually be read first, because it is above the others:
Those tags are all "self closing" tags. Other tags have an opening and a closing. For instance, the tag should always have a closing tag. If you use several tags at once, they need to close in the opposite order that they were opened. Example: some text . If you have them out of order, it might look right, but we want to emphasize using correct, valid code. Good luck!



Resetting the game will send you back to Level 1. If you haven't beaten the last level yet, you will lose your current time/score. Are you sure you want to continue?

Yes, do it!     No, I'm sorry.


Congratulations! You passed!

Final Time   ~  

Yep, you're really done. This last level is just for practice. But now that you are an HTML master, you can play around with all of the tags for as long as you like or reset the game and try again for a better time.

Oh, and did you know that there is a full-fledged remake of Super Markup Man available that not only teaches more HTML tags but also covers the basics of CSS? It even has a local co-op mode. Check it out on Steam!

Roppy Chop Studios